Send us your #BustedBusStop photos!

Bus stop next to narrow path with no seat or shelter

Have you ever stood by the side of the road waiting for the bus on a hot summer day? Do you think there should be more seats and shelter to make it easier for people in your community to get around on hot days (or in the rain!)?

Add you bus stop data here.

So many of you have told us about the terrible bus stops (or lack of busses) in your suburb: the lack of shade and shelter, no seating, no protection from the sun while you wait and nowhere to rest if needed. This needs to change! Together we can build a campaign to win better bus shelters across Western Sydney and all our hot suburbs.

We’re collecting photos of bus stops so that we can tell a powerful story about how the inadequate transport infrastructure impacts people. Can you send us photos of your local stops? There’s more information about how to take great photos and get them to us below.

NSW is spending billions of dollars on road, light rail and metro projects over the coming years, yet people in hot suburbs still have to wait for the bus with no shelter rain, hail or shine.

With your help, we will be collecting data and images of bus stops, mapping them throughout these suburbs over the Summer and taking this information to decision makers ahead of the 2023 State election and asking them for a commitment to funding bus shelters across all hot suburbs, making them more accessible, provide shelter, seating and safety for all.

The first step is to collect as many photos of #BustedBusStops as possible.

What is a #BustedBusStop? It’s any stop where you think that more infrastructure is needed. It could be seating, shade, trees or a better design that doesn’t get burning hot in the summer. Show us your local stops!

If you would like to be a part of this vitally important campaign, all you will need to do is send us your your photos and locations in 3 ways:

  1. By email to
  2. By Facebook Messenger through our page

    By taking part in this campaign you agree to Sweltering Cities using your submitted images and the information you provide.

We’re looking for bus stop photos that are clear, informative, and don’t include close photos of people waiting (let’s not make anyone uncomfortable by taking photos of them on the street!).

Taking photos into the sun vs. taking photos with the sun behind you

Top tips for great photos:

  1. Clear photos of the bus stop with a small area of the surrounding location.
  2. Try not to shoot into the sun.
  3. Avoid including the faces of other people if they are close enough to be easily identified.
  4. Let us know where the bus stop is if you can – send us the address, the street, or the bus stop number.
  5. Include your name and email if you want us to keep in touch about the campaign.
  6. Be as creative as you like!

Do you have any stories about your local bus stops or catching the bus in summer?

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