Red and orange toned photo of a person holding a paper over their head to shield themselves from the sun

Heatwaves are our deadliest environmental disaster

We need a whole of government response including how we plan our cities, transport, energy and health care. 

Sweltering Cities works with communities across Australia to amplify real heatwave stories and advocate for community driven solutions.

Photo of a group of people in front of a screen with a 'Blacktown' sign on it. The group has people of diverse ages and ethnicities. They are wearing face masks and some are raising their hands.
Image of a man who looks hot pouring water over his head.

We’ve launched the 2023-24 Summer Survey

Our campaigns

We’re running strategic campaigns to make a tangible difference in hot suburbs and homes. Our campaigns are driven by community need and informed by expert research.

Busted Bus Stops stamp over an image of a bus stop with no shade

Busted Bus Stops

Deadly temperatures in Sydney’s suburbs mean that catching the bus on a hot day can be dangerous. In some of the hottest suburbs only a quarter of bus stops have any shelter.

red and orange photo of a woman holding a fan and a towel to her face

We’re burning up

Heatwaves are a silent killer. We need better heatwave emergency strategies to cope with record temperatures.

text reading 'cooler suburbs' over an aerial image of an urban heat island region.

Building cooler suburbs

Hot suburbs mean higher electricity bills, more heatwave deaths and a blistering environment. There are simple ways to cool our suburbs and our homes. Let’s act now.

Heatwave safe homes

Everyone deserves to live in a safe home that protects them during heatwaves. We need to change the rules so renters can make simple updates for cooling.

Images of the Western Sydney suburb of Marsden Park captured in 2009 and 2022 by Nearmap.

How we work

Sweltering Cities works at the intersection of climate justice, inequality and health. We’re building grassroots power, telling compelling stories of extreme heat impacts and winning strategic campaigns that will make a real difference in cooling our homes and suburbs.

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