VIDEO: Sweltering Cities speaks to author Jeff Goodell on his new book ‘Heat: life and death on a scorched planet’

On 18 July 2023 our Executive Director Emma Bacon spoke to American author Jeff Goodell about his new book ‘Heat: Life and death on a scorched planet’. Watch their conversation here and let us know what you think. Read more of Jeff’s Goodell’s work here.

About the book:

“Extreme heat is the most direct and deadly consequence of our hellbent consumption of fossil fuels. It is a first order threat that drives all other impacts of the climate crisis. And as the temperature rises, it will reveal fault lines in our governments, our politics, our economy, and our values.This book is about the extreme ways in which our planet is already changing.

It is about why spring is coming a few weeks earlier and fall is coming a few weeks later and the impact that will have on everything from our food supply to disease outbreaks. It is about what will happen to our lives and our communities when typical summer days go from 30° C to 43°C. A heatwave, Goodell explains, is a predatory event – one that culls out the most vulnerable people. But that is changing. As heatwaves become more intense and more common, they will become more democratic.”

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