Sweltering Cities launches Cool Safe Spaces report

Image of Penrith with red and yellow tones

We’re launching our Cool Safe Spaces report on how, when and why people seek relief outside their homes on hot days. The data and stories in this report come from over 260 responses to an online survey and time spent speaking to public housing residents in Melbourne. At Sweltering Cities, we believe that there has not been enough research into how people use cool safe spaces on hot days. As temperatures rise and low quality housing means people are living in unsafe homes, public spaces like shopping centres and libraries will continue to be locations where people seek escape from the heat. We hope that this report is the beginning of further work exploring and understanding how people use cool safe spaces and how we can design our cities, suburbs and homes to be safe in the changing climate and unprecedented heatwaves of our coming summers.

Download the report here or read it below.

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  1. Plant some street trees , stop allowing them to be felled by homeowners for no good reason other than they can. They are the communities asset not the home owners.

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