Western Sydney needs better bus stops

Each summer on sweltering hot days across Sydney people can be found waiting for the bus in baking temperatures, with no shelter, no seat, and no shade. The sustainable liveable cities of our future will need great public transport, but right now waiting for the bus on a hot day in Western Sydney can be dangerous or impossible. 

As the climate changes and temperatures rise, residents in our cities are facing searing temperatures, with some suburban streets reaching over 50°C. Waiting at a bus stop without a seat or shade in baking heat is exhausting and risks dehydration or heat stress, especially for older people and children.

We’ve heard from our community members that sustainable accessible bus shelters with great design would have a huge impact on how we travel, live, work and play. That’s why we have launched the #BustedBusStop campaign to win great accessible bus stops across all our hot suburbs. Together we will build a powerful campaign to push the state government to commit to funding new bus shelters and renewably powered public transport. 

Here’s what the campaign looks like: 

We’re collecting photos and stories of bus stops across Sydney.

Will you send us a photo of a #BustedBusStop near you? We would also like to hear your stories how bus stops with no seat, shelter or shade have affected you. You can see more information about the photos we’re looking for here.  Help us tell the story of how inaccessible some bus stops across the city are.

Together we’re creating a map of bus stops across Western Sydney to show how bad the situation is in our hottest suburbs.

The map will show the many bus stops without seats and shelter across the city, and include your photos and stories about how these bus stops feel in the sweltering summer heat. Fill out this form to tell us where unsheltered bus stops are in your area.  

Our movement is powered by your voices and we need your help to make these campaigns a success! Reach out to us at info@swelteringcities.org if you’re interested in volunteering!

We surveyed over 1000 people in Sydney and 65% of them said that urban heat and poor infrastructure made using public transport very uncomfortable, difficult or impossible. Bus shelters are simple, affordable infrastructure that will support the shift to sustainable transport alternatives, address environmental injustice and empower our communities. 

Together, we can win the campaign to make all bus stops accessible for everyone, in all weather. 

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