In the hottest suburbs in Sydney 70% of bus stops have no shelter or shade

Map of bus stops in Penrith where there are many red dot showing unsheltered stops

In 2020 and 2021 our Summer Survey results identified an important issue for public transport users in our hottest suburbs, lack of bus shelters. We took a look at the available data and images and realised that this was an issue that needed real change. From there our 2022 #BustedBusStop campaign was born.

We asked our NSW supporters to be part of this campaign by filling in our Tell Us About Your Bus Stop Form about their local bus stops: photos and information relating to that stop, whether it had a seat and or shelter etc, whether it was accessible and any other information they thought was relevant.  Hundreds of people have submitted information about their local bus stops through our form or shared their bus stop with us via email or social media.  

Of the 596 bus stops in our first sample, we found that 70% of stops had no shade, no shelter and no seat! Only 107 stops or 18% of stops had shelter and a seat. This is not good enough!

Photo of a bus stop that's just a patch of dirt
Cranebrook: just a pole in the dirt.
Photo of a bus stop with a thermometer in the foreground.
Fairfield West: dangerously hot from the baking hot road.

Some of the bus stops were shocking! Stops with no sign, patches of dirt with no footpath, or no protection from searing hot concrete. We knew the problem was bad, but we were still shocked by how many truely terrible bus stops we were finding. We decided to create a competition for Sydney’s Worst Bus Stop and asked people to vote for the winner. If you haven’t voted yet, it’s not too late! Cast your vote for Sydney’s worst bus stop here.

You can read more about our #BustedBusStops campaign and Sydney’s worst bus stops on the ABC.

We’ve now created a map of all the stops we have data on, including over 500 in the state electorate of Penrith. Suburbs in Penrith reach over 50°c on the ground in summer.

Have you mapped your local bus stops yet? Help us cover as many bus stops as possible by mapping yours Here

Soon we’ll be sending the results to Western Sydney members of the new NSW Parlimament to ask what they will be doing to make bus shelters in our hottest suburbs better.


  • red squares are for stops with no shelter, shade or seat
  • yellow triangles have either shade, a shelter or a seat
  • blue circles are stops with shelter and a seat

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