We’re a small team with a big impact.

People in our hottest suburbs are living through baking summer heat and sleepless sweltering nights. Treeless streets and hot homes increase the temperature in areas already facing extreme heat. We’re organising, advocating and campaigning in Australia’s hot suburbs to win more liveable, equitable and sustainable cities.

With your support we can reach more people, run more strategic campaigns and work with more people living through extreme heat to put their stories on the front page.

Help us grow by making a donation today.

Your donation will help amplify the voices of communities in our hottest suburbs

With the support of people like you, we’re working to ensure the majority of Australians understand that extreme heat caused by a changing climate is a serious public health issue; and action is taken at all levels of government and business – including planning and policy – to reduce heat, increase community resilience and create more liveable, sustainable and equitable cities.

Together we can change the narrative and make extreme heat a public health issue that no politician, planner or business leader can ignore.

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